The research supports it. Organization and planning skills topped the list of predictors of academic success in college.



What ADDitude Magazine says...

ADDitude magazine ran a great article about the right supplies for ADHD children..."use assignment notebooks with larger-than-usual spaces in which to write." That's what the AgendaWorks Planner does (and more) gives them room to organize, prioritize and schedule their time.<



The AgendaWorks Planner &


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Watching your child struggle in school is heart wrenching. And the first day of school is scary for parent and child. The AgendaWorks Planner can help make it better!


Organization is one of the key challenges for the ADDer. Honestly it's a challenge for many kids and the problem is that it's a learned skill. Some kids have that "organization gene" but many don't and it bites them all the time.


Organization & Planning (Time management) is a key skill that has been identifed in a number of studies on academic success in college. A 2007 study by David T. Conley on college readiness (see "Redefining College Readiness") identifed Time Management as one of the key components of academic success in college. is one of the best resources for information on college readiness and we encourage you to spend some time on their site. We need to start our kids early on learning what organization style works for them.



Thirteen years ago we were part of a progressive management team running 2 large Sylvan Learning Centers in Austin, Texas. We had a steady stream of bright kids coming in for help in various classes; one common challenge for all students was organization. Many of these kids had various LD (learning disability) challenges, but all of them had organization problems.


Building the critical skills of organization, prioritization, focus and time management were key opportunities we could impact with a better planner.


That need gave birth to a planner we developed which has become Sylvan Learning Centers planner of choice for their Study Skills program nationwide for the last 13 years, and has been one of Amazon's top sellers since we made it available to the public (see


Over time with customer feedback and research, the Best Planner concept has evolved into a daily planning system that does double duty for ADD/ADHD students that need its simple full-page layout as well as preparing students for college.


A full page with room to write gives them the space they need capture all their to-dos and a way to organize and prioritize those tasks.


With tens of thousands of planners sold and feedback from ADD users we are confident that the AgendaWorks planner can play a significant role in teaching your ADD/ADHD student organization and planning skills that will work for them.



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Grade Tracking Sheets
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Learning Styles
Goal Setting
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Project Planning

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A different kind of planner
The AgendaWorks Planner is like nothing you've ever seen or used.

Developed from experience and backed by research, our planner will get used by students and teach them organization and planning skills.

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