The research supports it. Organization and planning skills topped the list of predictors of academic success in college.
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270 Daily Study Skills!

Witty, engaing dialogues between the Smarts Force and The Unteachables do more than teach study skills, they build core confidence and motivation.


The AgenDUH Planner


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The systematic and repeated use of any tool leads to its mastery. So it goes with learning study strategies and organization and planning skills.

Whereas some students develop effective ways to study on their own, the majority of students will not become proficient at studying without systematic instruction and repeated practice. 5 Contributions of Study Skills to Academic Competence. Contributors: Maribeth Gettinger - author, Jill K. Seibert - author. Journal Title: School Ps ychology Review. Volume: 31. Issue: 3. Publication Year: 2002. Page Number: 350

“Systematic instruction” and “repeated practice”…

A proven, systematic study skills curriculum combined with a proven daily planner all designed to provide the framework for repeatedly delivering powerful, results oriented study strategies. You get a cost effective, easy to implement study skills system that is proven to improve student grades.


Some of the concepts taught in the Study Smarts Curriculum:

Self Worth
Note Taking
Time Management
Goal Setting
Learning Styles
Memory Techniques
Test Taking Strategies
Vocabulary Building


Motivation, Confidence and Knowledge are all necessary to be successful in school. The AgenDUH allows the student to observe (using both auditory and visual learning styles) an ongoing dialogue between the Unteachables and the Smarts Force.

This engaging dialogue addresses the underlying emotions and thought patterns that run through a students head when making decisions about school work and study. Skills built on a poor foundation of motivation and confidence won’t work. The AgenDUH will develop the metacognitive framework these students need to improve their study skills.

By taking a more holistic approach to building study strategies, the content in the AgenDUH has proven to produce better results in students than just learning basic study tactics.

Results like:
  • Higher Test Scores
  • Reduced Drop-out Rates
  • Increased College Prep
  • Less Stress & Improved Confidence



While students learn effective study strategies from the Study Smarts content they will also be developing new skills in organization and planning. Skills that will improve their grades now and in the future

One Full Page Every Day – This “daily” planner concept has been a feature of our planner for over 13 years and proven successful by its adoption as planner of choice by Sylvan Learning since 1996. It also happens to be the perfect delivery format for daily study strategies. Whether you are right or left brained, a large assignment section and room to track other tasks makes the planner more useful to students making it “get” used more often.

15-Hour Appointment Section – Everyone talks about time management, about finding hidden time in the day and blocking off time to study and for breaks. Yet no one gives students a place to do this basic tactic. A full day appointment section is a visual representation of time that teaches your students how to view their day. Over time, they will internalize this view and begin to use the free hours in the day to their advantage.

Projects/Reports Section – A key skill in school (and life) is the ability to take longer term projects and break them down into manageable tasks to be accomplished every day. This section of the To Do list is a daily prompt to remind students of the next small step toward completing a project. You’re building a core competency with this approach to daily planning.


We have taken much of the decision making out of the equation. Your planner comes with an attractive, durable cover. It comes with a plastic page marker and 4 pages of colored Hall Passes. We only offer one cover design so you don’t have to go to committee on that decision either.

The decision is simple…a beautifully made, breakthrough study skills solution that is focused on results that will only compound over time. You are investing now for grade improvement that will pay dividends now and into the future.


Unlock the power of improved study skills for your students this year. Fast forward a year from now, two years from now…for not much more than you’re spending on your current homework agenda you can invest in a promising new solution that will improve grades by improving study strategies and organization and planning skills.

To learn more about the “why” behind the concept, see “The Research” page…

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